an evening at the fashion show…

The fashion show at the Hilton Hotel in Bradley Stoke last Monday evening went really well. For those of you who like to know these things, the show was put on to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day and we decided to introduce our first female garments at that very appropriate time. Hard work but we made the deadline.

It was great to welcome to our stall a sprinkling of friends and many new potential clients.

A stall gives us an opportunity to get closer to our customers and, crucially, to get some feedback. This was overwhelmingly positive and we hope that many of you will pop back to the site from time to time, to see what has just been put on and, hopefully, to order something. Our designers are bursting with fresh ideas, many of which will translate into new t-shirts and art prints.

One very useful piece of information was how many people liked my Contour ladies’ t-shirt design (referred to as ‘tucks’ during the show, as I hadn’t yet found a name for it); as a result, we shall be producing this in a wider range of colours and sizes. More on that soon.

I really enjoyed the show and will certainly consider trying out Gaudi Hair Design. Quite apart from their enthusiastic endorsement of what we are producing, I can see from their website that they take good cutting seriously and that’s important to me. The stall next to ours, Vanilla Gifts had a delectable range of items; there is surely something to suit everyone in the Westbury shop, which I plan on visiting soon.

Just a little reminder: our promotion over the next few weeks (until 30th April) is a free cotton bag printed with a stylish design to everyone who buys two or more t-shirts from our online shop (female) / (male)

Thank you once again for your helpful comments and positive reaction.



About thesilentroom

surreal and abstract illustration, printmaking and t-shirt design based in Bristol, UK.
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