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When I’m not writing myself, I’m reading. I read quite fast, to fit in all those wonderful books but tend to forget the less memorable ones quite quickly. So anything I mention here really caught my attention. You’ll find quite a range over the next few weeks. When I’m tired, I avoid anything that demands too much of me and turn to crime (not literally of course), so that’s where I’ll start.

Jeffery Deaver – crime (

I’ve really grown to appreciate Jeffery Deaver and I love the layers of complexity he introduces into what could be just boring accounts of procedure in the solving of crimes. You think it’s finished and then it all starts again – and the science is good. You need to be a bit geeky, I suppose, but I’ve no problem with that.

He has a wide-ranging back-catalogue but his most impressive character to date is the supremely clever Lincoln Rhyme – arrogant, cruel, dismissive of others’ efforts, acerbic, just plain angry – the list of negative adjectives is endless but, although you don’t like him, he does grow on you. Don’t ask me why the gorgeous Amelia puts up with him but their relationship is a necessary element in moving the stories on.

Don’t like American novels?
Don’t be put off. It took a while to get used to ‘perps’, ‘vics’ and ‘unsubs’ (I had to work that last one out) but the irritation these words arouse is well compensated for by the excellence of the narrative and (other) language.

‘The Vanished Man’ (2003)

‘The Bone Collector’ (1997)

The latter was also turned into a film of the same name, staring Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington.



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