foton’s tuesday recommendations: music, art etc. #002

Gonna keep this a little more brief from now on, so things don’t drag, where possible I’ve linked to youtube clips so that it’s easy to have a listen to the tracks.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don’t condone piracy and if you like anything enough to want to own it, I would always recommend buying it – far more satisfying anyway than queing up youtube clips of varying quality. All of the albums in this week’s list are ones I actually own hard copies of.

Here’s this weeks selection of recommended listens:

1) Don Caballero – Room Temperature Suite

What Burns Never Returns
Touch & Go

2) Boxhead Ensemble – One

Atavistic Records

3) Swirlies – Jeremy Parker

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
Taang! Records

4) Fly Pan Am – Éfférant / Afférant

Sédatifs En Fréquencies Et Sillons

5) Vladislav Delay – Raamat

Huume Recordings

*this is a re-release with new artwork, originally released on Chain Reaction / 2000



About thesilentroom

surreal and abstract illustration, printmaking and t-shirt design based in Bristol, UK.
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