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If you need something to carry you out of the everyday and want to enjoy an unconventional trip around the United States, then you cannot do better than Lee Child.

Lee Child

For an Englishman, Lee Child produces a pretty convincing portrait of an American – to this reader anyway.  Jack Reacher, his hero, embodies the desire to do the right thing but is not hampered by maybe having to kill someone as he pursues this aim.  However, such incidents are never gratuitous and, despite being ex-military, he tries very hard to avoid ‘collateral damage’.  You can easily empathise with him, his lack of belonging and his need to continue wandering the length and breadth of the country.

I read somewhere that all men want to be Jack Reacher and all women want to be with him.  Well, I quite like him where he is, between the pages of a book so I can get into his head and follow his thought processes.  He’s a great character.

You’ll be tempted to read all the books in one go, they are so good but, I think this does not do justice to the stories.  I’d recommend starting with Killing Floor, which is the first novel and then taking a break with some other reading before you try the next one.

This early book has you on tenterhooks right from the beginning, introducing the hero, Jack Reacher, who is an ex-military policeman and a man of action of no fixed abode; that is, he rarely spends more than a few days in any place and then, only because something happens to keep him there a little longer than is his inclination – which is always to move on.

This time, arriving in the quiet little town of Margrave in Georgia, he is arrested for murder, a murder he needs to solve if he is not to become the next victim.

No films as yet, but that can’t be too far away


The Killing Floor

Lee Child - Killing Floor

Die Trying – all of the books, in fact.  You can find a full list on Lee Child’s website

Lee Child - Die Trying


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