thesilentroom: feature at Paper, Scissors, Stone Vol. 1…

Paper, Scissors, Stone

Paper, Scissors, Stone is a curated pop-up store running in the Quakers Friars section of Bristol’s Cabot Circus and showcasing the work of local artists, illustrators, jewellers, fashion designers and more.

thesilentroom have been selected to feature in Volume 1, which runs through April and May. The store is always run by the artists, so service is on a personal level, and knowledge is close-at-hand for inquisitive shoppers.

A selection of our t-shirts and prints will be available from the shop, and it’s well worth coming down and checking out all the other featured artists as well!

Opening night is Wednesday 4th April 2012.

Volume 1 includes:
Zedhead Designs (Printed Homeware),
Malobi (Digital Illustrator),
Sarah Macfarlane (photographer),
Emma Garner (Illustrator/Printmaker),
Naomi Hocking (Illustrator), Linda Thomas (Jewellery),
SooMin Leong (Photographer/Printmaker),
Andrew Sutherland (Illustrator/Painter),
Milk & Cereal (Kids’ Clothing),
Hazel Sutton (Jewellery),
Liv Bargman (Illustrator),
B:Leaf Skincare (Natural Skincare Products),
Alice Shields (Illustrator/Ceramics),
Moon and Magic (Jewellery),
Susan Taylor (Illustrator/Printmaker),
thesilentroom (Illustration/Design/Printmaking),

Read more here:

*In other news, our site is undergoing some changes. There will be a new improved interface and layout very soon. The store section is now at*

**Also, ‘Conviction Without Trial’ and ‘Entrapment’ are now both available for purchase, with £2 from each shirt sold going to Amnesty International.**



About thesilentroom

surreal and abstract illustration, printmaking and t-shirt design based in Bristol, UK.
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